Final Chapters The Wave.

pvh777ca97t86gca301vencav55ovkcagvwmpdcaf3bogocazlcajica0kwuj5cantnl5fcareqjngca2wpwumca5pfif2ca3jhol1carfk9spcaq9lu5ccat4hyy3cawpw41vca5k1di7cai0g4r3I have just finished reading the final chapters in The Wave. The last few chapters are very eventful. Laurine Publishes a newspaper exposing The Wave for what it really is. It has a letter written by an anomous student about getting beaten up after refusing to join The Wave, and a story about a Jewish boy who was beaten-up by Wave members  as they shouted the motto’s ”Strength through Discipline! Strength through Community! Strength through action!” A few of The Wave members ask David (Laurines ex- boyfriend) to get her to stop printing bad things about The Wave, David agrees to do so. Laurine and The Grapevine staff have a party Laurine is the last there when she walks to her locker she sees that the word ENEMY! Had been written in red paint on her locker. She hears foot steps down the hall and begins to run. She runs through the tennis courts near her house where David is waiting for her with his friend in a van. He went up to Laurine as she was walking quickly past and told her that she had to stop publishing bad things about the wave she said no and he began to use force against her this went on and finally David shoved Laurine and she fell to the ground. David instantly fell to the ground also and helped her up. David and Laurine then Went to Mr. Ross’s home to tell him that The Wave had to stop. He said that he knew that and he was going to stop it but they had to trust him it would all be done by tomorrow.  The next day Mr. Ross went and told the principal what his plan was, the principal agreed to allow this to happen and sent Mr. Ross on his way to begin setting up.

Mr. Ross told all of The Wave member that they where going to have a video conference and meet there national leader. The Wave members where all in the auditorium waiting all the doors where locked and only Wave members were allowed in. David and Laurine began to think that Mr. Ross was lying to them and new they had to get into the auditorium when there was a scuffle with one kid yelling out that there was no leader because he or she was getting impatient.  Laurine and David snuck in through the open door. Soon after a large picture of Adolf Hitler appeared on the screen. There where gasps and confusion then Mr. Ross began to speak explaining that there was no leader and that  they where just like The Nazi’s No one but them was good enough if you weren’t a Wave member you where less than, none Wave members where being teased and beaten up. The student slowly dismissed themselves some in tear and some angry. The Wave was no more.


My thoughts on The Wave have changed greatly from begging to end in the beginning I thought this book was really boring and I though it would just be a waste of my time to read. But as I got into the second half I began to enjoy it. It was full of action and controversies. My favorite part was then David pushed Laurine and he snapped out of a trans just like that and relived how wrong The Wave was and all the damage it had done. What  I don’t understand is why Mr. Ross made Adolf Hitler to be the leader when what the Nazis did was separate people by there race, they didn’t hate or want all people who weren’t Nazi’s to be rid of They only wanted the non-Germans to be gone. When the was it was much more like a black and white picture if you where in The Wave you where save and if you weren’t The Wave members didn’t like this to much.

The Wave is a very powerful book it shows how it is so easy to repeat what the world has already done. I think that what happens in The Wave is something that anyone good does, Mr. Ross should have listened to his wife in the first place because he himself got caught up in The Wave and this did not help the experiment stay under control. I think that the kids in this book learnt a lesson and that lesson is that it is important to think your own thoughts and be your own person. Over all Very good book.


Volleyball Tournament in Snow lake.


 A while ago our school hosted a Jr. girls and boys volleyball tournament. Many teams came in for it there were 8 girls teams and 6 boys teams. They came from Wabowden, Moose Lake, Canberry, And a few other northern communities.  

This tournament was a big deal to our team because at our last tournament we came in first place, this was our chance to defend our title against our 2 biggest components. The cranberry eagles and The Wabowden eagles. 

The night before the tournament our volleyball team also hosted a dance for all the players. It was a great turn out everyone was there even some of the local kids showed up to help out with the sound and canteen. The Student Council also did a great job of doing the canteen through out the whole weekend.

We ended up coming in second in a really close good game against the Cranberry eagles. The games where all capped at 28( meaning there is no 2 point spread after you have reached 26 points) We lost by one point our team was upset at first, but then we realized we had done the best we could have.



Smart Set.

 We are almost done our Smart Sets and i’ve  come to find that Adelaide seems to be almost a perfect city. It’s Beutiful in many ways. It’s just like a town but on a much larger scale. It is full of beutiful gardens and other ”green” things. The only thing that i dont like about Adelaide is the  fact that  many people  seem to think  the  people  who  live there are very strang one blog said ” The people there they are just  not right in the head  thay  are a bunch of weirdo’s , it seems like they are all living in never never  land.”  I’m not sure that  this is  true  but ive read it  on  multiple blogs and comments on  many  youtube video’s. 

I  would love  to  go there and s ee this  for my self  i  find it hard to belive that the whole popultion  of a  place is  “in never never land.”


The Wave.


In chapters 9 to 12 , the take action motto of Mr. Ben Ross’s class room really comes into play. Mr. Ross was called down to the Principles office to talk about The Wave, Mr. Ross thinks he is in big trouble and that he will have to stop him class experiment. But when he arrives at the Office Principal Owens seems very happy. He wanted Mr. Ross to explain the Wave to him and said that He had better watch what he was doing he didn’t want and angry mob of parents coming in and complaining about the experiment. Laurine was looking out a window down into the school yard and saw two foot-ball team member fighting with a crowd of kids around them, after a teacher separated the two kids the one being a wave member was shouting the Motto’s at the other non-member “Strength through discipline, Strength through Community , Strength through Action.” David walked up be hind Laurine and asked if she was going to come to The Wave Rally. Where all the new members would be introduced Laurine told David she didn’t want to go and David lost it and broke up with her. Later that night Her father told here that while he was golfing on of his friends had told him that a Jewish boy had been beaten up by wave members Laurie’s father believes this was done because he was Jewish Laurine tell her father that they are running there class in a similar way that the Nazi’s where run but they don’t have the same believes. Although inside she has a felling this may be true


I think that Laurine and David’s break up is a large part in this set of chapters. The fact that there break up was because Laurine doesn’t like the Wave anymore and David thought it was because she was no longer better than everyone else in the school. laurines father told her that a Jewish boy was beaten up for trying to join the wave. Laurine instated that this was not because he was Jewish and that they where copying the Nazi’s way of running a group but not there believes. I think that The Wave members are going to turn into Nazi’s. In the future of the book I believe that Laurine and David will get back together but for that to happen The Wave will have to end. I believe that The Wave will end due to parents complain about discrimination against Jewish People in the school.

Smart set

        cricket              In  my smart set, I  have recently been looking up things on the average Australians life, I  found that Cricketis a very big  deal over there it’s one of the biggest sports in the world and it is rarely hurd of anywhere in the content Noth America.  When i  found this i wondered what Cricket was so i asked Sumari and Karl. They have recently moved to Manitoba and are in my class they came from South Africa and apperantly  Cricket is a big thing there. the said” Baseball is a big deal in the States hockey  is a big deal in Canada,Cricket is our Hockey and baseball. You play it just like Base ball except the ball is harder the bat is flat and instead of swinging through the air with the bat you hit the ball on the ground.

        Ive also recentlydiscovered that the people in Australia not many of them drive very far. I found that out of 100 people only 37 drive regularly. Most  take taxis or the subway. I found this to be very interesting because here we don’t have a Subway station or a taxi service we drive or walk every where.  So far my research is going well ive got almost  all my information I just need to find a map and a few things on the government in Adelaide Australia.

The wavee.

         the-wave                                         In chapters 5-8  Laurine is Starting to dislike the class project “The Wave”. Her mother& father and her where talking about it one night at dinner. Her mother did not agree with this and said that  people are individuals and they should think for them selves. At first Laurine thought her mom was well  just being a mom. Her father liked the idea of  kids being disciplined and behaving at school. When Laurine went to  her Social Studies class the next  day  Mr.Ross had put out cards on every ones desks He explained that they where membership cards for ”The Wave”. He  also explained that a few of them had been marked with red x’s,.The people with these cards where now dispensary’s they  were ordered to make sure that the members followed the rules and they were also to recruit new members for ”The Wave”.

          I think that this class project is going down hill fast they are chanting and being way  to disciplined, Kids  don’t act like that . They are beginning to act  more like a cult than a class room.And what happens when someone breaks the rules? Do  they get  kicked out or punished? I think that  Mr.Ross should really stop this now before its out of his hands.  They aren’t doing anything wrong at the moment but it is bound to happen. What happens if someone simply doesn’t want to be in ” The Wave”.  They are going to turn out just  like the Nazi’s did they are going to think the are the superior race in their school/community. This is going to be  Horrendous.


photoAdelaide Australia. We just started a new Social Studies Project, I have to pretend that i am a worker for a company bassed in winnipeg looking for a place to open a new office. I have picked to try and perswade “the company” to open a company in Adelaide Austrailia.

I just  got started today but ive allready  got a fair amount of reseach done, It is a beutiful place. The housing prices are lower than in canada, But it coasts alot to fly there. I did a search on air canada to see how mucha a one way ticket would coast for 1 adult it coast nearly 4000.00$ canadian dollars from winnipeg. Adelaide is  full of beutiful gardens and senary .It is the 5th largest city in Australia with around 1.1 million people. Its located in South Australia. To me it sounds like a prefect place to open a pretend office.

The Wave.

         We have recently started reading a new book in class called The Wave it is a true story, It is about a teacher who is trying to get his students interested and get them to understand the depth of the topic at hand. Hitler and the Nazi Germany war.

        In the beginning it starts of with a student who is upset because no one is writing stories for the grapevine Their school news paper which she happens to be Editor and chief of.  Ben Ross her history teacher decides that day to show them a film of pictures on the Holocaust and the concentration camps, Laurine and her friends Amy are very upset about this film it turns something deep inside them. The rest of the class doesn’t really seem to care to much about it They think its part of the past there is nothing we can do about it so why bother feeling bad. Laurine asked Ben Ross her History class why didn’t the other Germans the ones who where against  it why did they  let  him do this. The teacher simply doesn’t have an answer. He goes home and  read books upon books on the topic.

 I think that  they will end up doing a large class project on world war 2.  We already  know that  they do  some kind of a reenactment. I think that Laurine and Amy will be all for it but the  rest  of the  class will think it  is  really weird and just make a joke out of it much like my class would. I think that It is normal for a few people to really care about a topic and the  rest  not so much. I think that  things are going to go bad really bad with this project .



  guns1  War Child is a great Program that goes all over the world to areas effected by war. What they do is truly amazing they help Kid’s  who have been effected by war . Often They help Child Soilders. These kids really had no childhood they where recruited at a young age  They have experienced and done things that parents wouldn’t even want for them selves let alone their children . They are often strung out on drugs for years on end They are brainwashed and turned into killing machines. It is a terrible truth And War child is help thees Kids who grew up in a really big hurry, get some of their childhood back and become some what a regular child again.

Their mission is to help war-affected Kidsbecome kids again. They started out doing alot of work out of Africa, They are curentlry  working In Afganistan & North korea with the children.  This is a great oraganization and is doing alot to help these kids for more info go to their website.

Learning in Nata.

nata                 On February 4Th 2009 a class was held in Nata Primary school for grade sevens on HIV/AIDS and the prevention of it this was done by Peter Martinez . It was reported that  the class was a great sucess  although the  children where shy about asking questions or commenting on  the topic. It is scheduled that there will be a class some time soon in the school on STI’s .

I think this is very important for their school to be doing especiallybecause there is such a large amount of HIV/AIDS in Nata village , it is  curtail that these kid’s learn  how to prevent getting and transmitting the diseases so that  the amount of AIDS does  not  continue  to increase in Nata. Although I  also think they  should be educating Kid’s a lot younger than grade 7  they  should begin to educate the kid’s in Nata about HIV/AIDS as soon as the kids are able to understand what it is .


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